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Dr Dan Harper is a General Practitioner and Functional Medicine Physician with 30 years experience. He is based in San Jose CA and is particularly concerned about all types of environmental pollution, of which wireless is but one.

Originally posted Nov 19th, 2010

Introduction: Electro-Sensitivity / Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity

Effects of Calcium Flow Across Cell Membranes. Doctors in Jeopardy. No ICD-10 Code for EHS.


The Medical Perspective on Environmental Sensitivities Margaret E. Sears (M.Eng., Ph.D.) Report to Canadian Human Rights Commission May 2007


Pottenger’s Cats Francis M Pottenger Jr. M.D.ISBN:0-916764-06-0 © 1983 & 1995

University of Calgary: How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration


Power Quality Affects Teacher Wellbeing and Student Behavior in Three Minnesota Schools Magda Havas, Angela Olstad

Graham/Stetzer Filters Improve Power Quality in Homes and Schools, Reduce Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics, Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms, and Headaches. Magda Havas and David Stetzer


Dr Dan Harper - The Dangers of Cellphone Radiation


www.electricforester.co.uk Independent Electromagnetic Surveys & Investigations






Sensitivity Profiles & Predisposing Factors

EHS, MCS & Mould Sensitivity. Detoxification Genomics Profiles. Phase 1 & 2 Liver Detox. Cytochrome P450. Unable to Detoxify Many Modern Chemicals. Inflammation & Weight Gain. Phase 2 Deficiency in Methylation of Folic Acid. N-acetyltransferase. SOD2. Krebs Cycle and Mitochondrial Dysfunction.


CFS, Fibromyalgia, Mycoplasma

Chronic Fatigue. Lyme Disease, Systemic Yeast. Mycoplasma. XMRV Virus.


Cytochrome P450 & Liver Detox Pathways

P450 - Fundamental to Detoxification. Skin Rashes, Asthma, Interstitial Cystitis. Obesity. RANKL Enzyme Calcium Loss - Osteoporosis Through Microwave Exposure.


DNA CFS SNPs Fibromyalgia Environmental Illness

Chemical Overload. Epigenetically Acquired Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms - SNPs Linking MCS, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Mould Sensitivity & EHS.


Pottenger's Cats. Eat your Greens

Long Term Effects of Poor Diet & Nutrition on Gene Expression. Pottenger’s Cats. Loss of Methylation Enzymes Produced to Absorb Folic Acid and More Importantly, Detoxify the Liver.


Predisposing Factors

Double Layers EPA DHA Omega 3 Cell Membranes Punctuated by Glyco Proteins that Extend Into and Sense The Intercellular Fluid. Effects of Electromagnetism on the Cell’s ‘Antennas’. Presenile Dementia.


Ion Channels

Mineral Deficiencies in Foods Contributing To Faulty Ion Channel Function. Occupational & Childhood Exposure. 1900’s Alternating Current - Electrical Sickness. Cancer Treatments Compromised by Electromagnetic Exposure. Osteoporosis. Effects of Real Estate Values. Wi-Fi Wireless Neighbours. Sensitivity Neighbourhoods in California. Infertility in 3 - 4 Generations?

What Do You Say To Patients? 1/3 of the World’s Population Cannot Methylate Folic Acid Due to Insufficient Green Vegetables in the Diet. Glutathione Metabolism.

Candida Can Digest Mercury. Compromised Detoxification in the Presence of Electromagnetic Fields. Chelation. Metaloclear. Fish & Corn Syrup as Sources of Mercury. Humans Cannot Make Mitochondria. Statin Drugs. Co-Q10. 400,000 Mitochondria per Brain Cell.


Mercury Effects on Brain Neuron Degeneration. Tubulin Microtubules. Insulin Resistance. Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Glucose Transport Molecules.


Interstitial Cystitis

Inflammatory Autoimmune Reaction. Deadly Nightshade Food Family Sensitivity. Chlamydia. Mycoplasma. Chronic Bladder Infection. EMF Immune System Suppression. Opportunistic Micro organisms.


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