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Ion Channels

Mineral Deficiencies in Foods Contributing To Faulty Ion Channel Function. Occupational & Childhood Exposure. 1900’s Alternating Current - Electrical Sickness. Cancer Treatments Compromised by Electromagnetic Exposure. Osteoporosis. Effects of Real Estate Values. Wi-Fi Wireless Neighbours. Sensitivity Neighbourhoods in California. Infertility in 3 - 4 Generations?

What Do You Say To Patients? 1/3 of the World’s Population Cannot Methylate Folic Acid Due to Insufficient Green Vegetables in the Diet. Glutathione Metabolism.

Candida Can Digest Mercury. Compromised Detoxification in the Presence of Electromagnetic Fields. Chelation. Metaloclear. Fish & Corn Syrup as Sources of Mercury. Humans Cannot Make Mitochondria. Statin Drugs. Co-Q10. 400,000 Mitochondria per Brain Cell.

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