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Electricforester is concerned with all aspects of electromagnetic exposure, particularly Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity (EHS) and its less serious precursor, Electro-Sensitivity (ES).

Exposure to man-made electromagnetism (Electrosmog) has grown to unprecedented levels over the last 100 years or so, as mankind's use of electricity and electrical devices has mushroomed. It is a trend that shows every indication of continuing to increase.

Managing total lifetime exposure to non-ionising, non-thermal electrosmog in all its many and various forms is now the responsibility of the individual as clearly neither Government nor industry accept that it is anything to do with them.

Why should you minimise your lifetime exposure to electrosmog? If for no otherreason than even the UK Goverment and their advisors, The Health Protection Agency, recommend a Precautionary Approach to the emerging dangers of electromagnetism, particulalry microwave radiation from such everyday items as mobile and cordless phones.

Ask yourself, "What are the chances that uncontrolled exposure to man-made electromagnetic pollution is good for me?". 'Once you've been 'cooked' - you've been cooked, a fact that a growing number of ElectroMagnetic Hypersensitives can attest to. The road back to health and wellbeing for these 'Canaries in the Mine' is a long and hard one, made all the more difficult by an absolute need to keep away from all things electromagnetic - because simply the emissions now make them ill.

If Electrosmog can make some people sick, until we know why, potentially everyone is a t risk.

It's like sunstroke - by the time you know you've had too much, all you can do is endure the pain and trust that your body is adequately equipped to recover while praying that your foolishness will not have triggered a cancer or other disease that could not appear until years in the future.